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Nowadays, the pants are available in a huge variety of designs, colours, fabrics and cuts as they are widely used in the day to day life. We are not always wearing the usual blue jeans, but we combine different types of pants fort different outfits to adapt to the occasion's dress code. On Topgay, we offer a wide range of male pants styles to choose from.


The most common male pants are the jeans. The jeans for men were invented in 1871 and were originally designed for the far east mainly for the mine workers due to their durability superior to another fabric. It wasn't before 1950 that they became popular among teenagers who began to wear them as a general garment. Nowadays, the jeans are available ina wide variety of models: fit, skinny, low waist, etc... don't lose the opportunity of getting yourself the best jeans on the market made by the most prestigious gay brands.


The cargo pants also known as "battle pants" originated in the army and they are a type of pants which have a wide cut and are designed for outdoor activities. they known for the design which always includes one or more big pockets to deposit various items. In recent years, the cargo pants for men have also become popular in the urban areas especially because of the practicality of the included pockets.

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