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Secure payment

TOPGAY website offers several payment methods so you can choose whichever suits best for you. All of them will provide top security, and are really easy to use, allowing you to pay in a few clics. Enjoy your shopping!

Topgay proposes 2 methods of payment:


The payment with credit card is the most known worldwide, because it was the first one and allows to make payments in all the ecommerce. It is simple and secure, allowing you to introduce your credit card details through your bank payment platform gateway so the websites doesn't have to handle, transmit or store sensitive card details. Your information is only shared between you and your bank.

This online payment solution accepts practically all the credit cards (Visa, Mastercard...) of the world if not all of them. That makes this method a highly trustworthy, efficient and reliable way to pay for your online purchases.

¡Use this payment method to shop for your goods in TOPGAY!


Paypal is one of the online payment methods most known worldwide thanks to his flexibility and security. You can associate all your debit/credit cards to your Paypal account and decide which one you want to use to make the payment, only by logging in with your username and password. Paypal is a fast, easy and secure payment method. You will be able to pay in a few clics, without having to introduce everytime your credit card details and with the safety that your financial information remains secure.

¿How does it work? Very simple: register on Paypal's website and introduce your credit or debit cards to your account. On TOPGAY's website look for the Paypal buttom when you are going to make the payment and pay easily typing only your Paypal username and password. ¡Done! You already made the payment without having to introduce again your bank account details. 

¡Use Paypal to pay comfortly on TOPGAY!


Stripe complements the payment with credit card. It is an advanced payment platform for ecommerce. It stands out for his simplicity in the checkout in front of other traditional payment methods. In addition, is one of the most secure payment methods because it achieved the most high level of PCI security. Customer's personal information in sent directly to Stripe and gets storaged safety in his structure, accomplishing all the security standards of the payment industry.

It works very similarly to other known online payment methods like Paypal or the TPV. To make the payment with Stripe you only have to introduce you debit or credit card details, same way you will do it on a virtual TPV. The difference is that with Stripe you won't be redirected to the bank payment platform, your purchase starts and ends in TOPGAY's website since the payment platform is integrated in the ecommerce. The result is shopping in a fast, wasy and agile way.

¡Pay online on TOPGAY with Stripe and enjoy your shopping!



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